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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Halloween

Ah, yes - it's finally Halloween - that amazing end of October event which always brings back fond memories of running down the block with a zealous greed for sugar, causing havoc for my parents all night long until finally settling down to sort out mounds of sweets in front of the television (while watching the latest Simpsons Treehouse of Horror). Now that I'm in college there is definitely an element of nostalgia when considering that its way more difficult to to justify trick-or-treating, but the internet is always there to help bring about the right mindset. Thats why in looking about the internets I've managed to find some rather interesting spooky tid-bits.

First off, it goes without saying that watching the Nightmare Before Christmas is the quintessential Halloween experience - not only is it a great movie for any time of the year but playing it to excess on Halloween can totally be justified. A great video was posted up on YouTube of the latest iteration of the 'This is Halloween' tune done by Marilyn Manson for the 3D release of this cult classic. While it preserves the original nature of the song, introducing the Manson flavor really does add that extra freaky factor to it. Of course, checking out the Panic! At The Disco cover of the song (mp3) as well as the original Danny Elfman score (mp3) will have you feeling that Halloween spirit in no time.

Moving on from the stop motion animated goodness of Nightmare, I found 3D animation short in the same sort of neat Halloween vein. Created by Digital Kitchen this quick animation draws you in to a Halloween Dream with a really catchy soundtrack. Apparently its been utilized as part of Screenvision's Halloween-themed movie preshow, dubbed SCREAMvision so you might've seen it in theaters - Not bad.

Seeing as this has really become more of an animated tribute to Halloween, why add another throwback to stop-motion animation? The magic of Halloween themed peeps comes across in this random, yet amazing, quick flick. I really have to try me some of those zombified peeps.

If your desire for Halloween saturated goodness hasn't been satiated yet, check out X-Entertainment Blog, a great place for blurbs on 80s toys, random advertising, and of course, at this time of the year, the home of the Halloween Countdown!

And remember, don't be a Hallowe'en grinch(ette) when the tick-or-treaters come by or else the Freaky Flying-Pumpkin Commandeering Witch will come for you and all of that hoarded candy you thought you could keep for yourself.

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