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Monday, September 18, 2006

Whirl + Ball = Whirlyball?

At first hearing the name Whirlyball, one might assume that a game with such a seemingly benign name would be nothing more than one whose goals involved the whirly-ing of a ball, much like the ever loved bases-ball. But no, my friends, this game is something else indeed.

Defined as Whir-ly-ball
(hwur lee bol) noun. (1) "The second most fun thing in the world." (2) For all ages, women & men. (3) Beyond description.

A hybrid of bumper cars, lacrosse, polo and basketball - this game has everything one would ever want or need in a game, from the violent crashes of NASCAR (albeit at a top speed of 4mph) to the fast paced excitement of a curling championship (I'm not joking, curling is a sweet game)! It definitely is an amazing experience that'll pit the bumper buggy maneouvring skills of some against the intensity of whiffle-based sports enjoyed by others. And while it may seem that only in a bar setting this game could thrive, it actually prohibits play while intoxicated, pregnant, or short ... so there.

As an introduction to the famed pastimes Chicago has to offer to the world, the Tufts House inaugurated us first years to the joys of this traditional game, made all the more appealing thanks to the ever constant flow of pizza and pop. The photos speak for themselves.

If you ever want to experience the joys of whirlyball for yourself there's pretty much one place in the Midwest that has games in a couple of different locations. You can find more info at whirlyball.com Additionally, the Wikipedia entry on Whirlyball, while somewhat sparse, is still pretty informative.

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