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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ikea & Lamp Love

Stumbling Upon I encountered a fun commercial for Ikea that I hadn't seen in the longest time. It definitely made me smile and reminds me why Ikea has a place in my heart - right next to Sam's Club or a great bookstore - insofar as being an amazing destination in itself. With a great twist on conventional interpretations, the very nature of the commercial is something unexpected and fresh - much like the business savvy of the international store chain. The whole Ikea mentality does away with the notion of stuffy furniture stores and gimmicky 'Columbus Day' sales advertisements in lieu of a straightforward message and clean, if not sometimes unexpected, line of logic. Something that a college student looking to find drapes or a set of bowls can truly appreciate. Thanks Ikea!

On another note - the whole lamp theme made me think of another instance where a poor little lamp just didn't have things go it's way - in a fittingly cruel take on the Pixar lamp creation.

And I suppose, seeing as this has become a very lamp-centric post all of a sudden, an obligatory I (heart) lamp mention can be edged into this blog post as well. If you've never understood the presence of the slogan on oh-so-many internet tee shirts, well, here it is - a true Anchorman moment.

"I Love Lamp"

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