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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rinpa Eshidan: Evolving Mural

With the onslaught of school work: essays, problem sets, labs, midterms and readings regarding the nature of the self and the relation of that self to society ... it's been difficult to find time to simply draw. For me at least, drawing is a way of capturing the wisps of innovation and design sense which may otherwise be filed in some 'to do' folder in the back of my mind. By sitting down in front of a sketch pad or my drawing tablet, with a mellow track running on my laptop, and the time glowing on my alarm clock really being of no consequence - it really leaves me in very amazing zen like state, where the motion of pencil strokes can draw out the interconnected strings of thought that have gone untangled in the corner of my brain like some pair of tossed aside headphones ... it's that sense of finally getting things straightened out by getting an otherwise dormant part of my brain active again which just feels refreshing!

But as long as I'm reduced to left-brain, work-time, logic-based functions - finding amazing examples of creative outlets as exemplified by others is still a good means of keeping my creative side open to great design sense. That's why finding something like the video below, while only something like a six minute interruption in my day, can nonetheless act as a catalyst to awakening my own ability to perceive things in a fresh and creative sense ... even
Epsilon-Delta proofs! (No, wait, never mind).

The group that undertook this glorious week-long display of design and technical skill goes by the moniker Rinpa Eshidan, and while they don't yet have their own webpage you can check out more projects like this on their YouTube Channel. Investigations by other blogs have led to the conclusion that this Japan-based group is defintley going places ... I mean, their style is impeccable! So keep an eye out for them and get inspired -

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