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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Senior Year Nostalgia

With college approaching in about two weeks or so, it's been fun making the most of the time I have left -- not only has blogging been great, but I've had a lot of time to catch up on some of the perks of being a summer sloth. Hanging out with friends and reveling in favorite pastimes has definitely made my summer a restful one, yet the prospect of college, new experiences, and all of that great academia is so close by I can almost taste it. I can't wait to see what the future will hold - and while that sounds cliche - I'm glad to have had such great experiences in the past to warrant this surge of optimism/naivete.

So hey, seeing as I need to break in my new Compaq Presario V3015NR notebook, and I'm still too wholly captivated by a borrowed box set of 24 (season one) that I'm watching in the background -- here are some screencaps of the past year too keep me nostalgic enough to put aside my college woes and focus on what's important - Jack Bauer!

Fairchild's Advanced Computer Art Accelarated Class

EF Bell' Italia Trip, Spring Break with the Italy Crew

Maxwell's Eighth Period AP Themes in English Class

Prom Night (lookin' So Good!)

Senior Lock-In (Cruisin' Class of 2006)

D.C. National History Day (Sen. Barack Obama's office)

The Aca-Family at our regular Starbucks Hangout

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