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Monday, September 4, 2006

MyHeritage Celebrity Collages

Ok, I know it might seem that I'm falling into some horrible spiral of internet fad-dom, but I couldn't let this one pass by. After seeing MyHeritage's Celebrity Collages posted on some other blogs I figured it was my chance to see what celebrity I most closely resembled - because, hey, when it comes to procrastination what's better than to implement potentially useful facial recognition technology for completely pointless pursuits? The layout of the website makes looking up your celebrity match really simple: after a quick bit of registration (no e-mail verification required) just upload a front facing photograph of yourself and the collage tool does the rest, cropping your face and running it through its database of celebrities. And the results? Well ... see for yourself ...

MyHeritage - find your celebrity doppelganger
While fun for a laugh and a bit of boredom busting I can't really say that my experience with the Celeb-o-matic validates the claims of this algorithm-based technology's amazing face recognition abilities ... see, in all actuality I actually don't have a trace of Asiatic genes in me, a shocker, I know. I can see how the glasses may have thrown off the results, but I'd like to think, or pray, it was a glitch that paired me up with that one guy who like he just slaughtered and ate a baby - I mean, I enjoy a dead baby as much as anyone else - but that guy just looks creepy!

And finally ... because this was waiting to happen, this technology will help validate, once and for all, every one of those late-night look-alike based jokes! Presenting, the Herman Munster's celebrity equivalents ...

What, no John Kerry? Well, maybe it's not the best - but it does slam Bush and Prince Charles - so it's a-ok in my book. Try it out for yourself at MyHeritage Celebrity Collage Page - enjoy

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