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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Music: Aveo

This Seattle-based band has been lingering in my iPod play list for quite a while. With a post-rock sound that's a bit muted and mellow it's found a place alongside staples like The Smiths and British Sea Power in my groupings. Definitely worth a listen, the three songs made available on Aveo's label website -
Barsuk Records - have an energy to them that's equally captivating and yet somehow toned down.

In my experience, at least, this type of music provides the perfect backdrop for burning the midnight oil. When cranking out a five page essay on the impact of diachrony and synchrony in Herman Hesse's Siddhartha at 3 AM, for example, this is the kind of music that is energized enough to keep your typing at a constant pace with your foot unconsciously tapping under the desk - yet not so intrusive as to completely throw off a caffeine fueled focus on the task at hand. These are the kinds of songs which can be praised for achieving that perfect balance and can definitely be that welcome respite from the silence of a late night cram session.

You can find more information at barsuk.com/bands/aveo

Aveo - Dust That Dreams of Brooms (mp3)
Aveo - The Idiot on the Bike (mp3)
Aveo - Frostbitten (mp3)

Songs available are from their album Battery

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