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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Cutest Conflict: KittenWar

The internet is known for spawning many a furious, yet utterly frivolous war. Whether it be a hypothetical battle to the death between fictional and legendary characters (as illustratred vy Grudge Match's legendary Mr T vs Mr Clean face off) or a fight to determine the victor in an Instant Messaging popularity challenge (Aim Fight) - the internet allows almost any conflict to be resolved with the sophistication of a global audience. Honestly, where would the provincial conflict of Pirates vs Ninjas be today if not for it's escalation to internet-dom, surely not on ninjapirate.com!

But, if I may, I wish to bring to light a new war - one whose implications are so far reaching that they threaten to redefine the very tenets
of cuteness!

Featured on The Colbert Report, kittenwar.com seeks the input of it's internet aud
ience to decide which, in a paired set of kittens, is cuter - ultimately allowing a given kitten to become a 'winningest' or 'losingest' bastion of cuteness.

Is Mula cuter, or will Aoong take the lead?

Ultimately though, is trivializing war in such a manner, by making it accessible to millions online and changing it's meaning to connote a thing of perference or pasttime a signal of the degeneneration of our society as a whole? Have our values have become so enmeshed in the instant-access and triviality of the web that they no longer carry an attachment to the true weight of war and conflict? Has ... oh ... wait ... what? Bitsy isn't the winningest cute kitten yet!? This is outrageous! Egregious! This means war!

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