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Monday, August 14, 2006

Reddish Studio Designs

Having seen some of their work on various other websites, I decided it was finally time to check out the entire portfolio of the Design Firm, Reddish. Their website reddishstudio.com features a wide collection of work, from furniture to clothing, all with a unique take on the balance between functionality and art.

The X Table
, for example, takes the premise of a simple coffee table and adds a detail that is a reoccurring theme in Reddish design - embroidery.

The description found on the website pr
obably describes the studio's intentions in the best way: The genes of ... two products were mixed together into a new combination of Materials, shapes and traditions.

Reddish studio focuses on keeping its designs clear and intriguing , and spends most of the time helping objects feel better about themselves.

The Reddish line of tabletop items, specifically the cutting blocks, take on a very unique character that transcends the simplicity of a wooden block and strives to infuse the mundane with a unique design sensibility.

Make friends with your winged neighbors. After dining, place this bread stand on the window ledge so birds can feast on the crumbs. Celebrates coexistence and the joy of sharing.

An offspring of a bread stand and a small tablecloth. The delicate embroidered wood enables the anonymous bread board to leave the kitchen and become a respected center piece.

With a protfolio of items that should definitely not be missed, Reddish takes the idea of home aesthetics to a new level - redefinig the relationship of the owner with their belonings

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