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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Music: Hotels

For the past couple of days, I have to admit, I've been almost unequivocally mesmerized by the music of Hotels (and if anything gets me to bring out the vocabulary like that, you'd better believe it's good). With a mellow indie-pop vibe, interspersed by electronic accents, the music of Hotels definitely has a unique feel to it. While it carries an almost spacey vibe it can at the same time get across a more reticent feel. For me at least, that can be best summed up as a kind of nostalgic return to now a faint dream of having been abandoned on the docking station to the third moon of Jupiter. But hey, I've found it welcome, especially as my insomniac tendencies keep me up past a decent hour working at the computer. I'd definitely recommend Hotels as an addition to any music library, discovering them in your play list is truly a wonderful treat.

You can check them out at hotelsmusic.com

Hotels - Atlantic (mp3)
Hotels - Farewell to Love (mp3)
Hotels - Cinemascope (mp3)

The songs available are from their album Thank You For Choosing...

Update (Aug 20) -- I was checking my e-mail when I happened upon an response note from none other than Blake of the Hotels (one of the mystery men pictured to the right). I've gotta say, it's discovering the energy and amazing individuals behind these unique groups that encourages me to keep on scouring the web for such great music! Thanks for the encouragement!

Check out Hotels at their myspace home for more photos.

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