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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Mr. T 's Sound Advice

When doing anything in life, whether creating a blog for the first time or simply picking out what to wear -- it seems that the sound and universal advice of Mr. T has always aided me in pursuing the right direction. It's not just his bling, or amazing quips that attract me to this wise man's expertise, it's the unshaken faith in his own personality that makes his message all the more real and factual. That's why it seems only natural to kick off this blog with a post about Mr. T's self-assured guidelines for forming your own amazing persona. You've got to "be somebody" but additionally, know how to pull off the Mr. T style. Cause if you ain't a body, you're gonna be someone's fool, and we all know Mr. T's personal outlook on fools all too well.

If a music video and Mr. T rapping can't convince you
to formulate a personality ... I'm afraid nothing can. So, what're you waiting for, give into the catchy 80s rhythm, video montage-style, and be somebody! Just listen to those inspiring lyrics:

If anybody tries to call you square - jus' look 'em in the eye - tell 'em you don' care
If you don't wanna be a crazy foo' - you'd better study real hard an' stay in schoo'

Now everybody know Mr. T don't lie, and it ain't no fun jus' scrapin' by ...
So if you wanna be cool - jus' like me - you'd better try real hard to be somebody!

There are no truer words around:
Everybody gotta wear clothes, an' if you don't you'll get arrested. So listen to Mr. T and maybe, just maybe, you'll be as stylin' as him someday.

You don't have to give in to the fashionistas, but, just keep your eye out for the Jeff, there's no doubt that he's the "hippest cat in town" seeing as he's pulled off break dancing in a flannel shirt and red suspenders, but somehow, I just don't trust him.

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