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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chicago MP3 Experiment

Even though it was chilly, raining, and a Saturday afternoon -- a gaggle of brave UChicago students ventured north to Lincoln Park for a once in a lifetime ImprovEverywhere extravaganza.


All we knew was to arrive at exactly 2PM with a pre-loaded mp3, an umbrella, a balloon, and wearing one of four colors ... the instructions were specifically vague, but having pored over last year's experiments, I knew we were in for something amazing!

Upon getting to the park we experienced a 40 minute onslaught of insanity that culminated in what could only be bellowed as an EPIC BATTLE. With thumb wars, hundred-person games of twister, human Tetris, vast umbrella canopies, and an unyielding drizzle - these precursors to the grand finale would've been enough to weird out any passer bys.

Yet, we continued, led along by the soothing voice of Steve. Seriously, where else would you see something like this? And why wouldn't you join in?


Here's where the colors we were wearing came in handy. After a bit of battle training, all of the participants were split into two camps with their own respective drummers and flutists. With balloons in hand and a fantastically muddy battleground -- the epic battle commenced!

With many, many casualties the end of the battle saw everyone covered in mud, all colors intermingled, balloons discarded, and mp3s reaching their end -- but the pervasive feeling of good cheer was unmistakable. What a fantastic time! Thanks IE!



A new acquaintance (above) & the whole experience (below)!

Also, check out the full flickr photo set c/o icopythat and an official recap on the Improv Everywhere MP3 Experiment Chicago page.

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