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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Threadless Store Chicago!

I finally got the chance to visit the physical entity that is the Threadless store in Chicago. I've been a patron of threadless.com for several years now, so visiting the store was akin to a sacred pilgrimage for me. Plus I was long overdue for a shirt purchase ...


The store itself is actually really small, but fits in snuggly alongside the boutique and restaurants on Broadway Ave in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. If you need a map, you can check it out here. The store is just a bit aways from the original Threadless warehouse, ensuring a fresh supply of new shirts every Friday. Though there are only 20 designs on sale at a given time, high rotation and an amazing presentation of the goods definitely make up for it.


LCD monitors showcase shirts, prices, and even show off customers' faces in the storefront window (you can snap your photo at the register).

I really enjoyed the visit, the staff were super friendly, their music was great and the ambiance was terrific. But the best part of it all -- I managed to make it in on the Friday before the $10 Summer Sale of 2008! All of the usual shirts were $5 off in store, and there were tons of great reprints. I wound up picking up a neat artsy design - Tools of the Trade, but I'm sure I'll order more online next week. The staffer told me there were going to be offering a couple dozen new and reprinted shirts over the course of the sale, so I don't want to miss out. I love the sales way too much.

Of course, since I'll be interning relatively close by this summer ... maybe I'll just stop in every so often. The free tote bag I got with the purchase ensures that I'll get a dollar off each purchase in the future. Oh man, I <3 Threadless.


More photos of the store via flickr