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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break 2008, pt 2

So after getting back from a relaxing couple of days in St. Augustine we decided to drive up the coast and visit Fort Frederica in Georgia. We had previously checked out the Castillo De San Marcos, a neat remnant of the Spanish presence in Florida from the 18th century. The latter was pretty expansive and well maintained - it even offered a live reenactment of the fort's siege, with cannon fire and such.


Also, it had this rather despondent looking forge -- D:

Well, getting back to Federica, it turns out the British had quite a nice thing going there in the early 18th century. That is of course until the British declared war on Spain in 1739. This meant a lot of back and forth between the forces in Frederica and San Marco ... something which the educational video we watched depicted as quite confusing for both parties, what with the swamps and mosquitos. Ultimately the War of Jenkins' Ear determined the victor - the Brits, and the war ended in 1763 with a British acquisition of all of Florida.

Now, while all of this history paints the British side quite nicely, I have to admit Fort Frederica wasn't all that astonishing. Most of it had been wiped out in two consecutive fires during the 18th century, so all you really get to see are patches of tabby and lots of signs put up all over the place.



Gee, really? Thank goodness for unnecessary signs.

Sure the tourist bureau of the town of Saint Simon (which seems to have way too much disposable income) has tried to make this worth the visit, but San Marco really was infinitely more interesting. The weather was really pleasant though, so all in all, I didn't mind it too much. Plus all of the Spanish moss made for a pretty neat atmosphere.

Either way, after visiting both forts I have to say my Spring Break is now complete. I mean ... what other things do people do over break?


Spring Break 2008

I drink your Jack Daniels, I drink it up!


That's right, I visited the Jack Daniels brewery over spring break.

And yes, that is exactly as random as it sounds.

Additionally the brewery is located precariously close to Motlow College ... which I managed to read as Molotov College. That's about all.

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