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Friday, December 7, 2007

Katamari Winter

We had our first snowfall of the season earlier this week quite apart from making finals week even more strenuous, it was actually pretty sweet. There was a huge cross-campus snowball fight in the middle of the night, with everyone letting their pent up stress over finals devolve into sheer flurry snow fury. But in addition to this, there was something that I think clearly needs to be shared with the Internet as a whole.

A couple of Tuftsians went out and made Katamari snowmen in the middle of the quads! Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari are pretty much staples in our house lounge, so this made complete sense. Plus the results are fantastic.

Katamari snowman

Photos from the night before, stolen off of Facebook:

Katamari snowman

Katamari snowman

This is why I love my dorm!

If I'm not mistaken, the snow sculpture has been up in front of Eckhart (the math building) for most of finals week. So hopefully this cheered up some people in the midst of the finals funk. Plus, now that break is here I can look forward to playing We Love Katamari at home - having finally located and bought my own used copy! Thanks Gamestop?

Finally, if you're in need of some snowy Katamari goodness, here's an official Katamari desktop background. And there's more where that came from.

Katamari desktop wallpaper

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