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Monday, July 30, 2007

Poland: Day 5

Going abroad is a time to discover new ways of life and exciting foreign cultures cultures. Part of this grand tradition therefore, is the discovery (or in my case, re-discovery) of great food staples. What comes to mind when one thinks of authentic Polish fare, however, has been completely shaken with my latest food discovery.
Lay's Potato Chips - shaped like French fries - and seasoned with a ketchup flavoring.

They're Ketchup STIX and they're sensational!

Now hear me out. I was skeptical too ... at first. I usually don't even go for regular fries with ketchup. But pop a handful of these in your mouth and you'd swear they were topped with the most spot-on ketchup you'd ever be likely to find, but with no goppy mess. I just couldn't get enough. They were so perfect - and they made you come back for more just to see if the flavor would still be 'soo right' (it was). This was seriously one of those finds, the kind of thing, which - like Pop Tarts or a certain brand of soda - might truly become a staple of one's pantry.

But of course there would be a problem ... why in the world do we not have these in the US!?
It would only make sense, wouldn't it? We're the country that invented McDonald's. We're the one's enamored with junk food and fast food. So why in the world would a combination of the two PLUS ketchup, not be an instant hit?

Now, I understand that Polish people love their ketchup too. We even put it on our pizza when no one is looking. So, this whole thing could just be a marketing ploy honed on to Poland as a target demographic.

But surely - Idaho - the potato state - which is more than likely even bigger than Poland could at least act as a gateway for the States? Is there no hope? What can one do? I need some stix really bad. Maybe you can order them online? The label on the top left corner does say "new" so maybe I just missed this hitting the local supermaket? Is there a slim chance it really is around? Have you seen this product!?


Seriously though, if you've seen these around - let me know. I'll probably be bringing back half a dozen bags with me (unless I find a different addictive snack that'll take priority). They're just that awesome. Oh - and if you haven't noticed - see that blue stripe running down the bad vertically? Well, the bag opens on the side as well, for easier access to the fried-chippy goodness. Seriously, this snack has everything!

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