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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Poland: Day 8

Work on the dig in Igołomi – Wawrzeńczycach has started!

These are just some introductory photos. Digging has already started to a depth of 25 cm and is turning up a lot of material. You can spot me working over the piles of dirt that have come out of the dig site - even a second time around I was still able to get two bag fulls of clay fragments, flint, and scattered bones. Though the work is rather grueling. I'll try to get some more non-copywrite infringing photos when I can.

For now, bask in the awesome power of the Polish sun.

My legs are finally tan ... unfortunately the socks posed a bit of a problem. Haha, so cool.
Hopefully a month of work in the field won't leave me too crisp!

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