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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Easter has always been a holiday I have somewhat mixed feelings about. While the religious aspect of this time certainly has some significant personal weight at its forefront, I believe the moral dilemma it brings to other things ... namely Marshmallow Peeps, is not to be overlooked!

I've always loved eating Peeps - from munching down on their plump marshmallowy forms to enjoying that fine, yellow sugar that always sticks to your fingers or is leftover at the bottom of a finished box, making the whole endeavor so finger licking good. Besides, knowing you can use the microwave to blow Peeps up to massive proportions before they implode upon themselves, can even be justified as a creative act - pulling in kids (and college students) on their 3rd or 4th box as the prospect of merely decapitating them starts to wear off in novelty.

Yet, as with Teddy Grahams and Gummi Bears (perhaps too those Goldfish crackers that "smile back") there is always an element of sadistic cruelty in taking pleasure from chomping down on these gentle, marshmallow-based creatures. Usually I have no qualms about this ... but this year, I got an especially heart-wrenching box!

That's because this year my final box contained Peeps whose weepy chocolatey eyes implored me not to eat them! I realize this is simply a side effect of the mechanization of the Peep creation, yet adding this emotional level to my Easter sweets is not only uncalled for ... it makes me feel like a monster!

Don't cry little Peep!

You may have won this time sentimental-attachment-to-deliciously-defenseless-sugar-species, but just you wait until I get my hands on those marshmallow ghosts, they're already "dead" hence, no remorse! I suppose for the time being I'll just stick to my stash of Cadbury Creme Eggs and assorted Polish candies - oh, how I love the guilt free sugar trip that is the holiday season!

Also, if you want to see more photos of Peeps in and out their natural environment I highly recommend checking out the Peeps flickr group: Peeps-tastic! Featuring photos like the one below, which just made me crack up!

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