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Friday, July 27, 2007

Poland: Day 2

It is day two now, isn't it?

Well, at any rate, I've decided to re-purpose this blog for a bit and begin to use it as a way of keeping my thoughts and experiences of living "abroad" out there. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that I'm in Poland I can't say that my sleeping excessively for the past 24 hours can be counted on as exciting. But either way, hopefully neat things will come.

I did manage to take some photos during the 9+ hour direct-flight to Krakow and apart from keeping me sane during said flight, they do make for some interesting post fodder.

The plane I was on was a roomy Boeing 767 - a staple of the LOT airline fleet. There's a photo of it right there. Pretty nifty, no? Well - while the interior of the plane wasn't that revelatory and I was a little dejected by the fact that it would be such a long flight with no entertainment apart from back-to-back screenings of Wild Hogs and The Astronaut Farmer, there was one major perk to booking early.

That would be the emergency exit as seen from row 19B.

While the responsibility of keeping my fellow passengers safe in a moment of emergency was certainly a perk - I do have to admit that the INSANE amount of leg room granted to me for the sole reason that the space in front of me would be an exit route off of the plane - well, that was pretty swell.

The only downfall I could think of, apart from potentially being trampled if anything requiring emergency evacuation did arise was the fact that being in proximity to such an exit felt like sitting next to a refrigerator that could dip to a negative 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately a double set of blankets was nice (the seat next to me was completely vacant), add to that my iPod, and the flight wasn't too bad overall ...

Aaah - comfort.

The view from my double-seat emergency exit window was also really nice. As our plane collided with the creeping sun there were some pretty good views to be had.

It's a shame that the photos don't really do it justice.

The whole effect was really much more luminous and well worth sneaking the window covering back up, even if it resulted in some annoyed glances from other passengers who were trying to watch the aforementioned films - blerg.

Also weird - there was an army of arrows out there on the wing. I understand it's an emergency exit, but do you really need all those arrows? Oh well, at least they weren't as bad as that gremlin hanging out a little further out. It was mocking me the whole time. You do see him right!?

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